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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.

Restaurant: Front of the House



  • Provide a straw only upon request.
  • Use dispensers for salt/pepper/sugar/sweeteners.
  • Select straw-style stir sticks for beverages (instead of solid ones) and/or replace with sticks made from compostable materials.
  • Avoid single-serve drinks.
  • Use reusable coasters instead of paper napkins when serving bar beverages.
  • Eliminate double packaging for take out.
  • Select cloth napkins and tablecloths.
  • Use reusable or compostable napkins, dishes, flatware, cups, and glasses.
  • Replace individual bottles with either larger refillable bottled water dispensers or with tap or filtered water table top dispensers similar to those used to dispense other cold beverages such as lemonade or iced tea.
  • Use environmentally friendly products.


  • Serve water only upon request in the restaurant.

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