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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.




  • Use toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues with recycled content.
  • Use refillable amenity dispensers for toiletries.
  • Re-use toiletry bottles if seals are intact.
  • Wait to replace toilet paper rolls and tissue boxes until they are almost completely used.
  • Leave new rolls and tissue boxes in bathrooms for guests to replace.
  • Donate leftover bottles, soaps, and unused portions of tissue boxes to charitable organizations or encourage staff to take home.
  • Reduce size of individually packaged items, such as bar soap, to reduce the quantities left over.
  • Recycle used soap.


  • Fix leaking or dripping faucets or toilets.
  • Check and replace leaking valves.
  • Retrofit existing faucets with aerators or adjust flush valves or install dams on existing toilets.
  • Install high-efficiency products such as toilets, faucets, urinals, and showerheads.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Provide ventilation for steam from showers.

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