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Region 2

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.

Why Go Green?

The hospitality sector of the economy, more so than most, depends on a clean and scenic environment, which means it can benefit significantly from pollution prevention (P2) measures. Preventing pollution, or "going green," is especially important in Region 2 because of the vital role the hospitality sector plays in the regional economy.

Benefit Your Facility
Through increased efficiency, hospitality facilities can reduce costs, achieve environmental results, gain recognition, win new business, and be more attractive to employees.

Protect the Environment
Help to conserve natural resources by preventing pollution in regions with a large concentration of hospitality facilities and high resource use.

Lodging Facilities Going Green
Lodging facilities that participated in a 2009 Region 2 workshop are already going green. Why?

  • "To save money, but our reasons evolved into a way to stay ahead of the competition."
  • "We've received a number of requests for proposals asking about our environmental programs."
  • "For us, revenues mean more than costs to go green."
  • "To show employees corporate social responsibility."

How Can Green Travelers Find Green Facilities?
Online travel sites are helping consumers find green travel options:

  • "For a green traveler today, they can come to Expedia  Exit EPA disclaimer and find a very easy and convenient way to access all the information they need to travel green."

—Janice Lichtenwaldt, Senior Manager Sustainable Travel, Expedia.com
Watch a sustainable travel video produced by Expedia and the Discovery Channel's The Green Room. Exit EPA disclaimer

  • "Orbitz  Exit EPA disclaimer was an early leader in providing consumers green travel options… [O]ur customers were asking us to identify green hotels, like those that are ENERGY STAR rated, as well as other eco-friendly travel inventory."

—Brian Hoyt, Vice President, Orbitz Worldwide


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