2006 Pollution Prevention Grants Recipients

Results of FY06 Region 2 Pollution Prevention Grants

Number of Proposals Received
Number of awards issued

EPA Regional P2 Coordinator:
  Alex Peck

Project Summaries

Rowan University, Department of Chemical Engineering 

Project Title: Advancing P2 in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
EPA Funding: $132,967
Project Summary:   This project will assist the pharmaceutical industry in New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico in source reduction, pollution prevention, and green engineering design through an engineering clinic outreach program. The grantee will work with certain pharmaceutical companies to achieve process improvements that will result in measurable quantities of waste reduced, energy conserved and dollars saved. Efforts like these will encourage the uptake of green engineering, chemistry and pollution prevention concepts within the overall pharmaceutical sector.
Contact Information: Dr. C. Stewart Slater, slater@rowan.edu


Rutgers University, AMIPP Advanced Polymer Center 
Project Title: Pollution source reduction via the use of waste paint as feedstocks for moldable plastics – a demonstration and technology transfer project
EPA Funding: $61,410
Project Summary:   This project promotes change in the plastic processing sector by facilitating the substitution of virgin raw material with paint components. Specifically, this project will focus on new technologies that permit reclaimed resins from the high volume paint sector utilized as a raw material for the plastics molding industry. These reclaimed raw materials, which will displace virgin petroleum based raw materials, will be incorporated into high volume products such as bookshelves, storage bins and similar consumer and industrial products. The implementation of this technology will reduce the amount of virgin raw materials consumed by the plastic industry while providing a viable and market-driven mechanism to manage waste paint.
Contact Information: Dr. Richard Lehman, rllehman@rutgers.edu


Cornell University, Environmental Risk Analysis Program 
Project Title: Agricultural Plastic Films: Fostering Extended Product Responsibility as a Means of Preventing Pollution from Open Burning
EPA Funding: $99,250
Project Summary: Cornell University will work with farmers, producers of agricultural plastic film and purchasers of recycled material to reduce the amount of agricultural plastic films that are burned in open fires. The burning of the plastics creates serious health risks. This project will establish a baseline for the amount of plastics currently burned on farms, design a sustainable stewardship program and support implementation of the program.
Contact Information: Dr. Lois Levitan, lcl3@cornell.edu


New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Pollution Prevention Unit 
Project Title: College Intern Program to Promote Green Manufacturing; Pollution Prevention; and Energy and Water Conservation
EPA Funding: $150,000
Project Summary: This program will provide graduate student interns to an estimated 15 businesses that span six specific sectors: plastics, pharmaceuticals, energy/biofuels; paper/pulp manufacturing; electronics; and chemical operations. The interns will provide the businesses with technical assistance in the areas of green manufacturing, source reduction, and energy and water conservation. The effectiveness of this effort will be assessed through the collection of metrics.
Contact Information: Mr. Dennis Lucia,


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