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Choosing and Using Alternative Refrigerants for Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning - (1999. free) - provides a list of motor vehicle air conditioning substitutes for CFC-12 reviewed under EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program as well as a summary of the conditions under which each new refrigerant must be used.

Legal Status of Hydrocarbon Refrigerants such as HC-12A, Duracool 12A, EC-12A, and OZ-12 under EPA's SNAP Program - (1998. free) This fact sheet provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding hydrocarbon refrigerants.

Fitting Sizes for Motor Vehicle Refrigerants (1998. free) - A list of the fittings that must be used with alternative refrigerants when used in motor vehicle air conditioning systems.

Keeping Your Customer's Car Cool: Some Guidance on Retrofitting A/C systems to R-134A - (1997. free) This document describes some facts about aftermarket options and procedures for retrofitting a vehicle's a/c system to R-134a.

Automaker Retrofit Procedures (1998. free) - A list of automaker recommended procedures to retrofit CFC-12 car and light truck air conditioning systems to HFC-134a.

Free PDF reader available Compressor Replacement in Automaker Retrofit Procedures (1997. free)  - is a table that shows the makes and models of passenger cars, minivans and light trucks for which vehicle manufacturers prescribe compressor replacement during the retrofit procedure based on technical service bulletins issued by vehicle manufacturers.

One Shop's Experience Retrofitting Motor Vehicles to R-134A - (1998. free) This fact sheet contains some recommendations on the proper method to retrofit vehicles to R-134A from Arctic Auto Air in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that has been recognized as a pioneer in retrofitting.

Resources for Retrofit Training: National Training - (1998. free) This is a list of organizations that offer training on basic retrofit procedures. Please note EPA does not endorse or review any of these programs and this list may not be all inclusive.

Ten Questions to Ask Before You Purchase an Alternative Refrigerant - (1998. free) - Many new alternative refrigerants marketed for use in air conditioners and refrigeration systems are being touted by their manufacturers and distributors. This document provides ten questions that you should ask your supplier to determine which alternative is best for you.

Free PDF reader available Substitute Refrigerants Under EPA's Significant New Alternatives Program - (1999. free)  This document contains the list of alternatives to ozone-depleting refrigerants evaluated by EPA for use in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Composition of Refrigerant Blends (1998. free) This document describes the composition of refrigerant blends that have been deemed acceptable or acceptable subject to use conditions by EPA Significant New Alternatives Program for use in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Use of MT-31 and MT-31-1 Prohibited Under EPA's Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) Program - (1999. free) This document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding the use of MT-31 and MT-31-1 as refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Q's & A's on Ozone-Depleting Refrigerants and their substitutes (1998. free) - this document contains answers to frequently asked questions regarding alternatives to ozone-depleting refrigerants for use in air conditioning and refrigeration equipment

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology Institute's Refrigerant Database  Exit EPA disclaimer (cost varies starting at $180) - is an information system on alternative refrigerants, associated lubricants, and their use in air conditioning and refrigeration. The database consolidates and facilitates access to property, compatibility, safety, environmental, application, and other data. 

Moving to Alternative Refrigerants (1993 and updated in 1996. free) - contains 16 case studies which describe equipment retrofits and replacements of Comfort Coolers, Industrial Process and Commercial Refrigeration that were implemented by companies in the United States. Contact us by email for a copy.

Making the CFC Phaseout Profitable with the Energy Star Buildings Program (1995. free) - This document explains how the CFC phaseout provides an ideal opportunity to upgrade equipment and increase energy efficiency of buildings. Contact us by email for a copy.


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