2007 Source Reduction Assistance Grants Recipients

Results of FY07 Region 2 Source Reduction Assistance Grants

Number of Proposals Received
Number of awards issued

EPA Regional P2 Coordinator: Alex Peck

Project Summaries

New York Energy Research and Development Authority Exit EPA disclaimer

Project Title: New York State School Bus Idling Reduction Program
EPA Funding: $60,000
Project Summary: The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) will partner with the New York Association for Pupil Transportation to implement the “New York State School Bus Idling Reduction Program.” NYSERDA will provide the funding for the hardware purchase and installation costs associated with the use of diesel fuel-fired coolant heaters, a commercially-available idling reduction technology. EPA will provide the funding to develop learning materials and educational opportunities to increase awareness and use of idling reduction techniques. This includes the development of two training modules that will be delivered to school bus drivers as well as to school bus technicians and mechanics.
Contact Information: Mr. Carl Mas, cjm@nyserda.org

SolarOne Exit EPA disclaimer

Title: TruLight Project
Funding: $35,000
Description: SolarOne is an organization which actively promotes energy efficiency in low income communities in New York City by presenting energy efficient products at events at schools and other community centers. In this project, SolarOne will educate and train students from 5 New York City high schools to promote energy efficiency lightning, witha focus on marketing compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in their communities. SolarOne will also arrange for energy awareness events in which the students will sell CFLs to attendees, and educate the public about the energy savings of CFLs and the importance of diverting spent fluorescent bulbs and tubes from the waste stream to prevent the escape of mercury into the environment.
Contact Information: Mr. Christopher Collins, chris@solar1.org

Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association Exit EPA disclaimer

Title: Conference to Advance Pollution Prevention Efforts in Puerto Rico
Funding: $64,000
Description: The Northeast Waste Management Officials’ Association, in partnership with the Puerto Rico Solid Waste Management Authority, will provide overall management support for planning a Pollution Prevention Conference in Puerto Rico. The purpose of the two-day conference is to provide a forum for discussing pollution prevention issues among federal, state and local government, industry, academic researchers, NGOs, and others. This conference will facilitate the transfer of knowledge from well-established programs in the Northeast states to programs in Puerto Rico.
Contact Information: Mr. Andy Bray, abray@newmoa.org

EPA Regional P2 Coordinator: Alex Peck

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