2008 Source Reduction Assistance Grants Recipients

Results of FY08 Region 2 Source Reduction Assistance Grants

Number of Proposals Received
Number of awards issued

EPA Regional P2 Coordinator: Alex Peck

Project Summaries

Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper  Exit EPA disclaimer
Project Title: Community-Based Stormwater Education and Rain Barrel Distribution Program for Buffalo and Niagara River Watersheds
EPA Funding: $25,000
Project Summary: Buffalo Niagara Riverkeeper will institute a stormwater education and rain barrel project to reduce the amount of combined sewer overflows to the Niagara and Buffalo River watersheds. The Riverkeeper will educate local citizens on how to minimize stormwater runoff and will distribute rain barrels to residents. The rain barrels will improve water quality by preventing pollutants from entering water bodies during storm events. The rain barrels will also reduce the amount of water treatment required and will conserve water as residents will re-use the rain water in their gardens.
Contact Information: Kerri Bentkowski, kbentkowski@bnriverkeeper.org


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