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Region 2 Superfund

Serving New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Eight Tribal Nations.

Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD)

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In an effort to streamline the electronic submittal of environmental sampling data, the Superfund Program in EPA Region 2 has adopted a standardized electronic data deliverable (EDD) format that is being required for all new and historical data submitted to the region. The format is based on the Electronic Data Deliverable, or EDD format, which is being adopted by other EPA regions and various states around the country. By employing the EDD, EPA can regiment how data is transmitted to better facilitate data review and decision making.

Below are a number of files which can be downloaded to assist data providers in preparing the EPA Region 2 implementation of EDD.


Comprehensive Manual for EPA Region 2 EQuIS 6 EDD Format [PDF 815 KB, 99 pp]
The above link allows for the download of the Comprehensive Electronic Data Deliverable Specification Manual for EQuIS 6 EDD format, which explains the systematic implementation of EDD within EPA Region 2. This document provides detailed instructions on data preparation as well as identification of data fields that Region 2 requires for data submittals. The Appendix to this manual is the Valid Values Reference manual.

Valid Values Tables Reference Manual [PDF 3.3 MB, 4230 pp] | Valid Values Spreadsheet
The above link allows for the download of Valid Value Reference Manual or spreadsheet, which are required for a number of the fields that make up the EDD format. Updates to these reference tables will be performed so as to include any new values which submitters identify as needed and will be identified as UPDATED.

To request the addition of a value to the Valid Values Reference Manual, an e-mail should be sent to the contacts given at the bottom of this page. Requests must include the name of the field for which the value is needed, the proposed value name, a detailed description of the value, and the reasoning as to why the value is needed.To avoid redundancy, please check the current Valid Values Reference Manual thoroughly to be sure that the value you are requesting is not already included in the tables.

Historical Electronic Data Basic Manual for EPA Region 2 EQuIS 6 EDD Format [PDF 313 KB, 40 pp]
The above link allows for the download of the Basic Manual for Historic Electronic Data for EQuIS 6 EDD format. This document provides reporting requirements for a subset of the comprehensive EDD specification. It is an applicable for preparing historic sampling results and project data collected prior to implementation of the EDD


Electronic Data Processor (EDP) User's Guide | Electronic Data Processor
The above link allows for the download of the Electronic Data Processor (EDP), software created by EarthSoft, which allows for third-party checking of data sets prior to submittal to EPA Region 2. Because this software was created by a third-party software developer, the above link will direct you out of the EPA Region 2 website. EDP questions should be directed as described below.

EPA Region 2 EQuIS 6 EDD Template
The above link allows for the download of templates in Microsoft Excel and Access to aid in the preparation of data submittals in the Region 2 implementation of EDD formats.

CLP Data Providers Manual
Data Providers of the CLP EDD files have to follow the converting instructions and review the "CLP EDD Conversion Tool Manual" in order to convert the superset EDD files into EPA R2 format, check for errors and submit the EDDs to Region 2.

EQuIS EDD Training, May 10-12, 2011

EQuIS EDD Workshop Training Materials, June 20-21, 2012

*Step-by-step on how to plot EQuIS data into ArcGIS – present by Katherine Mishkin [32 MB, 11 Minutes] (*Right-Click on link and click Save Target to download.)

Questions and comments on the Region 2 EDD implementation, EDD Submittals, Valid Values, and the content of this web page should be directed to :

Region2_equisedd@epa.gov and Email to EQuIS Coordinators:

Diann Cox-Tramel

Katherine Mishkin


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