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Eighteen Mile Creek
Niagara County, NY

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a plan to the public in August 2013 to clean up nine properties and demolish a former plant site as part of the first phase cleanup at the Eighteen Mile Creek Superfund Site in Lockport, New York. The residential properties in the area of Water Street are primarily contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and other contaminates, including lead and chromium.

After considering the public’s comments on EPA’s preferred remedy for the Eighteen Mile Creek Superfund Site, EPA signed a Record of Decision (ROD) selecting that remedy on September 30, 2013. The selected remedy consists of permanently relocating approximately five families from their residential properties and demolition of their homes, plus acquiring approximately nine properties on Water Street that will be remediated, and demolishing an industrial building at the former Flintkote property on Mill Street in Lockport, NY.

The contaminated residential properties along with the remaining building at the former Flintkote Plant, encompass an area of approximately 2.25 acres along Water Street.  These properties are adjacent to the creek and experience flooding during high water events.  These properties are contaminated with dirt from the facility that was used as fill and may be further contaminated by periodic flooding of the creek which can deposit contaminated sediment onto the properties.

The permanent relocation of these residents and future excavation of the contaminated materials from these properties is necessary to protect human health and the environment and will eliminate human exposure to hazardous substances.

EPA held a public meeting in early June 2013 and outlined three phases of cleanup at this site.  The second phase will address contaminated creek sediments and soil at several industrial and commercial properties in the creek corridor.  The third phase will address contaminated sediment in the creek from Lockport to its discharge to Lake Ontario.
The Eighteen Mile Creek has a long history of industrial use dating back to the 19th century when it was used as a source of power.  The headwaters of the creek consist of an east and west branch which begin immediately north of the New York State Barge Canal in Lockport, New York.   The creek flows north for approximately 15 miles and discharges into Lake Ontario in Olcott, NY.  The site was placed on the Superfund National Priorities List in March 2012.  Investigations at the site have revealed that the site itself, sediments in the creek and nearby residential properties are contaminated with a combination of pollutants.

The agency is collecting information from the public that they may have about potential responsible polluters. The Superfund program operates on the principle that polluters pay for cleanup rather than passing the cost to taxpayers.  EPA continues to search for parties responsible for the contamination and hold them accountable for the costs of investigations and cleanups.


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