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Chemical Leaman Tank Lines, Inc.
Logan Township, NJ

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Chemical Leaman Tank Lines, Inc. (CLTL) has operated a tank-washing facility since 1961 on a 34-acre site in Logan Township, New Jersey. Logan Township, located in Gloucester County, has a population of about 3,000 and approximately 50 homes are within a 1/2-mile radius of the site. Until 1975, the wastewater generated from the
tank-washing was released into seven unlined lagoons and ultimately discharged into Cedar Swamp and Moss Branch Creek.

After 1975, the lagoons were dealt with in different ways, including excavating the sludge that had settled in the lagoons and/or backfilling the lagoons with clean sand. In 1980 and 1981 the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection discovered volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the ground water on the site as well as in private wells in neighboring areas. The ground water has been found to be contaminated with several VOCs including trichloroethene, benzene and vinyl chloride, and heavy metals including arsenic, chromium, and zinc.   Due to this contamination, private wells near the CLTL facility have been closed and residences have been connected to a public water supply.

The cleanup of this site has been broken into four stages: immediate action (connecting several area homes to alternate water supplies) followed by long-term cleanup of the groundwater, soil and source areas, and wetlands.

A groundwater extraction, treatment and discharge system has been constructed and will be operating shortly.  Wetlands adjacent to the CLTL facility have been remediated.  A remedial investigation for soils and source areas has recently been completed by EPA and a proposed plan is being released for comments.


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