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Circuitron Corporation
East Famingdale, NY

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Circuitron Corporation manufactured circuit boards on this one acre site from 1961 to 1986. The site is in a densely populated industrial and commercial area of Long Island. The property was owned by 82 Milbar Boulevard Corporation. Circuitron was a subsidiary of FEE Industries, which ADI Electronics, Inc. bought in 1984. The circuit board process at the facility included drilling, screening, plating, and scrubbing processes, all of which generated chemical wastes. Wastes were reportedly placed in above ground and underground tanks and storm drains. Thousands of gallons of plating wastes were discharged to an underground leaching pool that was licensed under the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) and to an unauthorized leaching pool beneath the floor of the plating room.

In 1986, the company vacated the facility. In 1987, EPA found potentially explosive conditions at the site. Over 100 drums, most unmarked, were left throughout the building. Incompatible and reactive wastes were not segregated. Three above ground storage tanks located behind the building and six concrete holding tanks containing unknown materials beneath the floor were also identified. Approximately 15 municipal wells serving local residents are located within three miles of the site and serve over 215,000 people. The nearest well is located within 1,300 feet of the site and is in the path of the groundwater flow. A shallow well, which could be used for drinking water, has been closed since 1978 due to contamination.This site is being addressed in three stages: an emergency action and two long-term remedial phases, which focus on remediation of contaminated groundwater and cleanup of the contaminated soils, sediments and building.


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