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Combe Fill North Landfill
Mt. Olive, NJ

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EPA added the Combe Fill North Landfill site in Mt. Olive, New Jersey to the Superfund National Priority List on September 1, 1983 because hazardous chemicals were found in the soil and ground water.  The 65 acre site located in Morris County was used as a sanitary municipal landfill between 1966 and 1978. Combe Fill Corporation (CFC) purchased the site in 1978.  The following year, ground water beneath the site and in nearby residential wells was found to be contaminated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are potentially harmful contaminants that easily evaporate in the air. Runoff flowed across the surface of the landfill and drained into the creeks that border the site.  CFC went bankrupt in 1981, and the landfill was not properly closed. Approximately 10,000 people rely on ground water supplies from wells roughly two miles from the site.

The cleanup of the site was completed in 1993. First the disposal area was graded and compacted and the landfill was covered with a protective material.  Then two systems were installed: one to collect drainage and another that acts as a ventilation system for methane gas.  Finally, the site was fenced off.  The State is currently monitoring the ground water and air to ensure the efficiency of the cleanup work.  Two five-year reviews have been conducted, one in September 1999 and another in June 2004.  On June 2, 2004, the site was removed from the National Priorities List.  Under current conditions at this site, potential or actual human exposures are under control.


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