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Crown Vantage Landfill
Alexandria Township, NJ

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Proposal to delete this site from the Superfund list

EPA added the Crown Vantage Landfill Site in Alexandria Township, New Jersey, to the Superfund National Priorities List on April 27, 2005, because contaminants were found in the surface soil, sediments, and fly ash, fine particles of ash of a solid fuel that is caused by waste gases from the manufacturing process. The 10-acre Superfund site located in Hunterdon County was an industrial landfill used by a nearby paper mill, as well as other mills in the surrounding area. The soil contains contaminants, such as semi-volatile organic compounds, which are contaminants that evaporate into the air easily; PCBs and metals, including lead. Fly ash also contains semi-volatile organic compounds and pollutants composed primarily of a group of compounds commonly found in motor oils.

Potential impacts on the surrounding community or environment are linked to the site’s proximity to the Delaware River. Contamination of the water is documented in areas used for fishing both adjacent to, and downstream of, the site. The closest residents live 0.3 miles north of the site.

In April 2007, EPA developed a Work Plan to address specific activities, including stabilizing the entire face of the landfill to prevent erosion; securing the site against unauthorized access; and identifying, retrieving, and removing any containers and their contents above ground to prevent direct contact with these materials. These activities were completed by September 2007.

EPA and Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP, a Responsible Party, entered into a settlement on September 27, 2007, under which Georgia-Pacific has agreed to conduct studies into the nature and extent of the contamination at the site and study cleanup alternatives for the site. EPA issued another Order to International Paper in December 2007. Georgia-Pacific and International Paper agreed to work together to perform the work at the site. Once the remedial studies are complete, EPA will develop a cleanup plan.


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