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Dover Municipal Well No. 4
Dover, NJ

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EPA added the Dover Municipal Well No. 4 site in Dover, New Jersey (Morris County) to the Superfund National Priorities List on September 1, 1983, because of harmful chemicals present at the site. The site, owned and operated by the Dover Water Commission, was one of the town's primary drinking water sources until it was taken out of service due to contaminated groundwater. The well's drinking water supply has since been replaced by water from a clean standby well.

Preliminary studies of the site's drinking water by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection detected volatile organic compounds, some that can cause liver and kidney damage in humans. EPA concluded that water at the site does not pose an immediate risk to humans, as long as it is not used for potable purposes without appropriate treatment.

An EPA study determined the source of the well’s contamination to be a dry cleaner, and ordered the demolition of the cleaners and removal of contaminated soil beneath it. EPA also decided to allow the groundwater at the site to naturally cleanse itself and is monitoring that process to ensure its effectiveness.



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