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Fair Lawn Well Field
Fair Lawn, NJ

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EPA added the Fair Lawn Well Field Site in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, to the Superfund National Priorities List on September 1, 1983, because contaminants were found in the municipal supply wells. The site, Westmoreland Well Field, which encompasses the three municipal wells and one additional well used as an observation well, is located in Bergen County. The site is located adjacent to Fair Lawn Industrial Park.  Potentially responsible parties for the site include Thermo-Fisher Scientific, Sandvik and Kodak.  NJDEP is handling the source areas. EPA has not yet determined the aerial extent of contamination.

Ground water at the Fair Lawn Well Field site is contaminated with semi-volatile organic compounds, contaminants that evaporate into the air easily. Ground water was initially and continues to be cleaned by pumping it into a pressurized vessel and then forcing a high pressure stream of air through the groundwater, causing the pollutants to evaporate.  Treatment of contaminated ground water before distribution to the residents addressed immediate human health threats.

The PRPs performed treatment of contaminated ground water, removal and disposal of soil and buried drums, and soil and ground water monitoring and sampling. A residential well sampling program indicated that the wells used for the purpose of drinking water met the established standards. An agreement between EPA and the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in September 2004 produced a final ground water study and model report that discusses the contaminated areas that contributes to the well field, and will be used for further investigation. EPA continues to carry out the best ways to remove contamination from the Fair Lawn Well Field site and to supply the public with safe drinking water.


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