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Federal Creosote
Manville, NJ

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The Federal Creosote site occupies 50 acres of a highly developed residential and commercial area in Manville, New Jersey. A coal tar wood treatment facility operated at the site from approximately 1911 to 1956.  In the 1960s, 137 single-family homes comprising the Claremont Development were built on 35 acres of the site.  The remaining 15 acres were developed into the Rustic Mall.  Millstone River is located one-quarter mile south and the Raritan River is located one-half mile north of the site.

During its operation, the facility treated railroad ties with creosote.  The most prominent features of the wood treatment operations included two unlined canals that conveyed creosote waste to two unlined lagoons.  The lagoons—one located on Valerie Drive and the other on East Camplain Road—held concentrated creosote waste sludge.  At several properties, the former lagoons and associated sludge were found to abut or underlie existing residences.  Contaminated sludge and soil pose a present and future risk at the site, and there is a future risk associated with ingestion of contaminated groundwater. 

The remediation process at Federal Creosote includes three Operable Units (OUs). The first OU addresses the residential areas that have source material in the buried lagoons and canals, while the second addresses the residential area soils that contain residual levels of creosote above risk-based goals.  Together, OU-1 and OU-2 have resulted in the clean-up of 93 residential properties and the removal of over 275,000 tons of soil.  As part of OU-3, which addresses Rustic Mall soils and groundwater site-wide, EPA began the remediation of the commercial mall in August 2005.  The remediation of the mall is now complete.


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