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Garden State Cleaners
Buena Borough, NJ

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EPA added the Garden State Cleaners (GSC) site in Buena Borough, New Jersey (Atlantic County) to the Superfund National Priorities List on March 31, 1989, because of harmful chemicals present at the site. The GSC site, a commercial dry cleaner, lies some 500 feet south of the South Jersey Clothing Company Superfund site, and EPA combined its cleanup and monitoring of the sites due to similar contamination and close proximity.

Preliminary studies of soil at the GSC site by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection detected high levels of volatile organic compounds, some that can cause liver and kidney damage in humans. The presence of these chemicals prompted Buena Borough to close wells and construct a new municipal water system. Tests concluded that using the contaminated ground water for domestic and agricultural purposes may pose a human health risk.

Cleanup of the contaminated soil at the GSC site was completed in 1995 and a ground water treatment system for both sites has been operating since 1999.

A five year review and remedial system evaluation conducted in 2005 indicated that the ground water treatment system was not capturing the leading edge of the contaminant plume; the plume had migrated into the deeper aquifer zone; additional extraction wells were needed; TCE and PCE levels had not significantly decreased; and source areas may still be present at both Sites.

In September 2010, EPA signed an amendment to the original ROD to address the issues identified in the five year review and remedial system evaluation.  The major components of the Amended Remedy include excavation of the contaminated soil, where practicable; in-situ treatment of deeper soil and clay lenses with technologies such as chemical oxidation or enhanced soil vapor extraction when excavation is impracticable; treatment of any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) removed by the in-situ treatment system at the on-site groundwater treatment plant, where appropriate; and acquisition and demolition of the GSC building.

The Garden State Cleaners dry cleaning business has relocated from 802 West Summer Ave to 801A South Central Ave. Field work to implement the amended remedy began in July 2011.



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