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National Priorities List (NPL) Fact Sheets

Guide to the National Priorities List Fact Sheets

NPL Listing History:

Provides the dates when the site was Proposed, made Final, and Deleted from the NPL.

Site Responsibility:

Identifies the Federal, State, and/or potentially responsible parties taking responsibility for cleanup actions at the site.

Environmental Progress:

Summarizes the actions to reduce the threats to nearby residents and the surrounding environment and the progress towards cleaning up the site.

Site Description:

This sections describes the location and history of the site. It includes description of the most recent activities and past actions at the site that have contributed to the contamination. Population estimates, land usages, and nearby resources give readers background on the local setting surrounding the site.

Threats and Contaminants:

The major chemical categories of site contamination are noted, as well as which environmental resources are affected. Potential threats to residents and the surrounding environments arising form the site contamination also are described.

Cleanup Approach:

This section contains a brief overview of how the site is being cleaned up

Response Action Status:

Specific actions that have been accomplished or will be undertaken to clean up the site are described here. Cleanup activities at NPL sites are divided into separate phases, depending on the complexity and required actions at the site. Two major types of cleanup activities often are described: initial immediate, or emergency action to quickly remove or reduce imminent threats to the community and surrounding areas; and long term remedial threats to the community and surrounding areas; and long-term remedial phases directed a final cleanup at the site. Each stage of the cleanup strategy is presented in this section of the summary.

Site Facts:

Additional information on activities and events at the site are included in this section. Often details on legal or administrative actions taken by the EPA to achieve site cleanup or other facts pertaining to community involvements with the site cleanup process are reported here.

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