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LCP Chemicals, Inc.
Linden, NJ

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EPA has issued its Record of Decision:

The 26-acre LCP Chemicals, Inc. (LCP) site is located in an industrial area on the Tremley Point peninsula adjacent to the Arthur Kill, in Linden, Union County, New Jersey.  The South Branch Creek flows eastward from the Site into the Arthur Kill.  About 800 feet of the Central Railroad of New Jersey railroad spurs mark the southern edge of the Site.  There are approximately 250 residences in the vicinity of the Site, the nearest home is approximately 1 mile west of the site on South Wood Avenue.

The land, originally a coastal marshland, was filled in and developed for industrial use. LCP Chemicals, Inc., a division of the Hanlin Group, Inc., purchased the 26-acre chlorine production facility in 1972 from GAF Corporation, who owned and operated the facility since 1942. LCP operated the facility from 1972 through 1985, when it ceased operations. Sludge containing mercury from the chlorine production was discharged to lagoons.  In 1972, 1974, and 1979, the State of New Jersey documented releases from the brine sludge lagoon into South Branch Creek.

Sampling of soil, surface water, and sediment and groundwater revealed elevated levels of mercury, and other contaminants. Site contaminants potentially impact the Arthur Kill, which is used for recreational boating and fishing. The peregrine falcon, northern harrier, great blue heron, and little blue heron, all state-listed endangered species, are reported to either breed or hunt in the salt marshes near the Site. Prall’s Island, which is located approximately 1,000 feet east of the mouth of the South Branch Creek, is a breeding area and rookery for some of these birds.  Eating contaminated fish, shellfish, crabs, and other marine organisms and accidental ingestion of Site soils and sediments may be potential human health threats

EPA conducted a remedial investigation and feasibility study (RI/FS) to determine the nature and extent of contamination at the site and to identify and evaluate cleanup options to address the contamination. The RI/FS was completed in 2013 and shortly thereafter the EPA’s proposal for cleanup was released for public comment. In February 2014, EPA made its final cleanup decision for the LCP Chemicals site.  The 2014 ROD calls for demolishing the contaminated buildings on the site, treating some of the contaminated soil, capping all of the soil and treating the contaminated ground water.


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