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NL Industries, Inc.
Salem and Pedricktown, NJ

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The 44-acre site, located on Penns Grove-Pedricktown Road, is a former secondary lead smelting facility that operated from 1972 to 1982. During its years of operation, the company recycled lead from spent automotive batteries. The batteries, after being drained from sulfuric acid, crushed, and then processed for lead recovery, resulted in rubber and plastic waste material. These, along with slag and contaminated soils, were placed in an on-site landfill.

Groundwater at the site contains heavy metals, especially lead and cadmium. Prior sampling of on-site and off-site areas, along with the two nearby streams, identified elevated levels of lead in soils, groundwater, surface water and stream sediments. Since initial sampling, stream sediments have been remediated and are currently being monitored. Residential sampling conducted in 2006 confirmed that levels of lead in residential wells remained below the acceptable drinking water standards.

The site is currently being addressed in three stages: initial actions; a long-term remedial phase focusing on cleanup of surface water, groundwater, soils, and sediments; and an expedited remedial action focusing on ponded water, slag piles, building structures and debris.

Recent sampling indicates that there are lead levels above cleanup standards in a portion of the West Stream which will require additional remediation. The potentially responsible parties (PRPs) have drafted a work plan for the excavation of the lead-contaminated soil. This work plan is currently being reviewed by EPA.

On June 22, 2011, EPA proposed a remedy to address a change to the groundwater remedy.  EPA’s preferred remedy is Alternative 3: Reagent Injection Plus Institutional Controls. 




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