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Pesticide Warehouse I (PWI)
Arecibo, PR

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EPA added the Pesticide Warehouse I (PWI) site in Arecibo, Puerto Rico to the Superfund National Priorities List on September 27, 2006 because hazardous chemicals were found in the soil and ground water.  The one acre site is an inactive pesticide storage warehouse located in a rural and industrial area.  The site consists of a main warehouse, smaller secondary warehouse and a small storage shed.  Pesticide Warehouse I was used for the storage and preparation of pesticides.  Excess pesticides were disposed of on the ground, resulting in a soil and ground water contamination.  Ground water contamination in the area potentially threatens public supply wells within four miles of Pesticide Warehouse I.  The Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority indicated that approximately 48,600 people are served by public supply wells within four miles of PWI.

Under EPA’s oversight, the parties potentially responsible for the contamination will perform the cleanup investigation that will determine the extent of soil and groundwater contamination.  In 2009, field work will begin.  EPA decided to divide the studies to determine the nature and extent of the contamination in two areas; one area will address the soil and the other area will address the ground water. 



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