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Pollution Abatement Services
Oswego County, NY

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Site Repositories

Oswego City Hall, West
Oneida Street, Oswego, NY

EPA Region 2 Superfund
Records Center, 290
Broadway, 18th Floor, New
York, NY 10007-1866

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The 15.5-acre Pollution Abatement Services (PAS) facility served as a chemical waste incineration facility from 1970 to 1977. It consisted of three lagoons containing oil and mixed hydrocarbons, several aboveground and underground storage tanks containing contaminated waste oil, and numerous leaking and deteriorating drums.

Throughout the operation of the facility, PAS experienced operational problems and was cited for numerous air and water quality violations by state and federal agencies. From 1973 to 1976, lagoon overflows and liquid waste spills were common, releasing wastes into the adjacent Wine Creek, which flows into Lake Ontario. In response, the U.S Coast Guard, EPA, and the New York State Department of Conservation performed a number of emergency cleanup activities at the site. These activities included the removal of the incineration facilities, drummed wastes, bulk liquid wastes, and contaminated soils, and the closure of two on-site lagoons. The facility was closed in 1977 and the site was placed on the Superfund National Priorities List on September 8, 1983.

This site was addressed through federal, state, and potentially responsible parties' actions.

The immediate and long-term cleanup actions undertaken at the site have greatly reduced the threat to public health and the environment. These efforts include the treatment and discharge of more than one million gallons of contaminated water contained in on-site lagoons, the removal of more than 16, 000 leaking and deteriorating drums from the site, the capping of the 15.5-acre waste disposal area, the installation of a slurry wall, and the extraction and off-site treatment/disposal, to date, of approximately 3.9 million gallons of leachate.

The site qualified for inclusion on the Construction Completion List in September 1997.

Five year reviews are undertaken at sites to ensure that implemented remedies protect public health and the environment and that they function as intended by site decision documents. In June 1998, December 2003, and December 2008, EPA issued Five-Year Review Reports, which concluded that the remedies at the site were being implemented in accordance with the remedies selected in the Records of Decision (RODs), and that these remedies are fully protective of human health and the environment. The fourth Five-Year Review for the site will be completed by December 2013.


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