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Radiation Technology, Inc.
Rockaway Township, NJ

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Record of Decision – Operable Unit 3 [7.1 MB, 161 pp]

Proposed Plan [694 KB, 11 pp]

EPA added the Radiation Technology, Inc. (RTI) site in Rockaway Township, New Jersey to the National Priorities List on September 1, 1984 because volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or potentially harmful chemicals that can easily evaporate into the air, were found in onsite water supply wells. The 263-acre Superfund site, located in Morris County, was used for testing and developing rocket engines and propellants. Onsite operations also included radiation sterilization, production of architectural products, and hardwood flooring production. RTI improperly stored and disposed of waste drums containing solvents and other chemicals. 

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) and the Rockaway Township Health Department closed onsite contaminated wells. During the first part of the cleanup, RTI installed wells to measure and monitor the ground water contamination, and also removed abandoned tanks and drums under NJDEP supervision. At New Jersey’s request, EPA took over the cleanup. EPA oversaw ground water investigation and removed material containing asbestos in a portion of the site. In early 2007, the U.S. Army Military Munitions Response Program notified EPA that a portion of the site fell within the boundaries of a historic practice projectile firing area, and could have contained unexploded materials. The U.S. Army conducted an investigation, and no dangerous materials were found or removed. As a precaution, EPA requested that safety procedures related to unexploded materials be included in the site’s work plans.


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