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Ventron/Velsicol - Photo Gallery

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Front end loaders consolidating piles of contaminated soil awaiting off-site disposal. (May 2009)
A track hoe transfers contaminated soil into a two-story machine that separates large debris from the soil. (May 2009)
Workers in white Tyvek suits oversee contaminated soil excavation operations and watch over air monitoring stations which measure for airborne mercury, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds. (May 2009)
A track hoe places contaminated soil into dump trucks for processing on-site.  The sifted soil then gets dumped into metal containers on flatbed trucks for disposal off-site. (May 2009)
To keep dust down, water is sprayed on the gravel roadways, as well as the dirt as it is excavated.  Workers use giant plastic tarps on the ground so that contaminated soil doesn't get spread around or tracked off-site. (May 2009)
On-site water treatment systems process contaminated water. (May 2009)


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