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White Chemical Corporation
Newark, NJ

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The White Chemical Corporation site is a 4.4-acre, inactive facility that formerly manufactured acid chlorides and flame retardant compounds. The site is located in a heavily populated and industrialized area of Newark, Essex County, New Jersey. The Site consisted of five major buildings and three smaller, facility support buildings. White Chemical Corporation (WCC) operated the facility from 1983 until July 1990 when it ceased most operations. During its operational years, WCC was issued numerous violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. During an initial investigation of the Site, EPA found over 10,000 55-gallon drums and other containers of hazardous substances precariously stacked or in other ways improperly stored throughout the Site. Drums and other containers were found in various stages of deterioration, fuming or leaking their contents onto the soil. Other containers found on the Site included 150 gas cylinders; 126 storage tanks, vats, and process reactors; hundreds of fiberpack drums; glass and plastic bottles; carboys; and boxes. In addition, an on-site laboratory was found to contain approximately 12,000 laboratory-size containers haphazardly stored on structurally unsound shelving, or stacked in piles on the floor.

All cleanup activities associated with surface contamination have been completed. This included 7,787 drums of hazardous substances, 4,497 empty drums, contents of 191 tanks and vessels, 58 gas cylinders and 14,806 laboratory containers. In addition, all process piping associated with the process tanks (approximately 2,600 linear feet of metal piping, 590 linear feet of glass piping and 750 linear feet of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)) were flushed and decontaminated. The demolition and off-site disposal of the buildings and above-ground storage tanks on site began in March 2006. Demolition of above-ground structures was completed in July 2006. Disposal of demolition debris was completed in Summer 2007. Design of the soil removal began in September 2006. The soil remedial action began September 2008 and is was completed in April 2009. Preliminary field reconnaissance for the groundwater remedial investigation began in Fall 2007, with subsequent sampling in May 2008. Investigation and study field activities began in April 2009, and were completed in October 2011.


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