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Caswell, Strauss & Co.
Edison, New Jersey

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Caswell, Strauss & Co. was a former lead smelter that operated for a brief period from the 1940s to the 1950s. The property has since been sold and redeveloped.  A portion of the property is currently occupied by a self storage business. Based upon historical photos, the original footprint of the former smelter may have once included land that is now occupied by approximately 10 residential properties located along Hilltop Road.

In early February 2012, EPA collected soil samples from the yards of homes located within the historic footprint of the former lead smelter site. Levels of lead were found in surface soil at some of the residential properties that exceeded the EPA residential soil screening level of 400 parts per million.  EPA soil sampling conducted in May 2012 at residential and commercial properties located outside the historic footprint of the former lead smelter, identified additional residential and commercial properties that have elevated levels of lead present in the surface soil.

EPA is working with the property owner of 1660 Oak Tree Road (Extra Space Storage) to address the elevated levels of lead found in the soil on that property.  EPA needs to address the contaminated soil and surface water runoff issues at 1660 Oak Tree Road prior to the start of cleanup on adjacent residential properties. This is necessary to avoid potential recontamination. EPA expects this cleanup work to begin by the end of September.

EPA will continue to oversee cleanup work at the Extra Space Storage property and will begin cleanup of the residential properties in late September 2012.  Cleanup will include the excavation of lead contaminated soil, replacement of excavated soil with clean backfill and topsoil, and the restoration of the properties to pre-cleanup condition, including landscaping.


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