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NL Industries
Depew, NY

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The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) approached Norampac, Inc. (Norampac) in Depew, New York regarding elevated Polycyclic Aromatics Hydrocarbons (PAH) and metals in 1987 at the former NL Industries property and requested Norampac conduct a subsurface investigation on their property.

In an effort to enhance public safety and protect the environment, EPA has addressed the cleanup approach for these sites in three phases. Phase one involved immediate action and phase two and three involves two long-term phases focusing on removal of contaminants and cleanup of the contaminated soil.

On September 29, 2004, EPA executed an Administrative Order on Consent (AOC) requiring Norampac to remediate and extend the investigation to the north of Walden Avenue and west of Transit Road and identified lead contaminated residential properties. The initial cleanup began on the west side of Transit Road in May 2005 and was completed in December 2006 after 36 residential properties were remediated. Lead-contaminated soil contaminated 66 properties on Transit Road, Walden Avenue, Harvard Avenue Bostwick Place, Brewster Street, Lincoln Street, Rumford Street, Tyler Street, W. Third Street and W. Second Street.

In 2009, EPA removed 6,121 tons of lead contaminated soil from 34 residential properties, which included removal of shrubs and trees. In addition, EPA restored clean top soil, planted new shrubs/trees and installed new sod. The winter months of 2009 closed the initial cleanup activities.

In Spring 2010, remediation cleanup activities resumed on Walden Avenue, Transit Road, Harvard Avenue, Eliot Avenue, Rumford Street, Brewster Street and Lincoln Street, and an additional 32 properties were cleaned in 2010. EPA removed over 11,000 tons of lead contaminated soils and restored with clean topsoil, new shrubs/trees, and installation of sod.

In May 2011, EPA began inspecting the remediation of the residential properties that was accomplished in 2010, at which time the agency removed lead contaminated soil and replaced it with clean soil and sod. Any repairs needed from the previous sod work are currently underway. In addition, EPA is conducting sampling of six more residential properties for contaminated soils.


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