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Sole Source Aquifers

Sole Source Aquifer designation is one tool to protect drinking water supplies in areas with few or no alternative sources to the ground water resource, and where if contamination occurred, using an alternative source would be extremely expensive. The designation protects an area's ground water resource by requiring EPA to review all proposed projects within the designated area that will receive federal financial assistance. All proposed projects receiving federal funds are subject to review to ensure they do not endanger the ground water source.

EPA defines a sole or principal source aquifer as one which supplies at least fifty percent (50%) of the drinking water consumed in the area overlying the aquifer. These areas can have no alternative drinking water source(s) which could physically, legally, and economically supply all those who depend upon the aquifer for drinking water. For convenience, all designated sole or principal source aquifers are referred to as "sole source aquifers" (SSA).

If you are interested in petitioning the EPA to make a designation, please consult the Sole Source Aquifer Program Petitioner's Guidance or contact EPA for assistance.

Sole Source Aquifer Map


State Name Federal Register Date GIS Map Information
NJ Buried Valley Aquifers, Central Basin, Essex and Morris Counties    45 FR 30537 05/08/80 Yes Yes
NJ Upper Rockaway River Basin    49 FR 2946 01/24/84 Yes Yes
NJ Ridgewood Area Aquifers    49 FR 2943 01/24/84 Yes Yes
NJ/NY Highlands Aquifer System Passaic,Morris & Essex Co's NJ; Orange Co. NY    52 FR 37213 10/05/87 Yes Yes
NJ/DE/PA New Jersey Coastal Plain Aquifer System    53 FR 23791 06/24/88 Yes Yes
NJ/NY New Jersey Fifteen Basin Aquifers    53 FR 23685 06/23/88 Yes Yes
NJ/NY Ramapo River Basin Aquifer Systems    57 FR 39201 O8/28/92 Yes Yes
NY Nassau/Suffolk Co., Long Island    43 FR 26611 06/21/78 Yes Yes
NY Kings/Queens Counties    49 FR 2950 01/24/84 Yes Yes
NY Schenectady/Niskayuna    50 FR 2022 01/14/85 Yes Yes
NY Clinton Street-Ballpark Valley Aquifer System, Broome and Tioga Co's    50 FR 2025 01/14/85 Yes Yes
NY Cattaraugus Creek Basin Aquifer, WY & Allegany Cos.    52 FR 36100 09/25/87 Yes Yes
NY Cortland-Homer-Preble Aquifer System    53 FR 22045 06/13/88 Yes Yes
NY Northern Tug Hill Glacial Aquifer   71 FR 64524 11/02/06 Yes Yes


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