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Chapter 4 Petitioners Guidance


4.1. Purpose

Phase II, conducted by EPA Regional Office staff, is designed to ensure that petition information is adequate to perform the technical verification in Phase III.

4.2.   EPA Acknowledgment

Upon receipt of a petition, EPA should notify the petitioner in writing.

4.3.   Initial Review / Determination of Completeness

The EPA reviewer should determine if the petition includes a plausible and up-to-date response to each of the petition requirements as outlined in Section 3.3. The reviewer should use a Completeness Determination Checklist, Appendix E, to conduct this review.

4.1.   Complete Petition

If the EPA reviewer determines that the petitioner's responses are plausible and up-to-date, EPA intends to notify the petitioner of the initiation of technical verification. Acceptance at this point does not necessarily mean that EPA will not request additional data from the petitioner at a later point; it also does not guarantee that designation is forthcoming.

4.2.   Incomplete Petition

If EPA determines that the petition is incomplete, the petition should be returned to the petitioner with a Notice of Deficiencies outlining the information that should be provided before EPA can perform the technical verification. The petitioner should correct the deficiencies and resubmit the petition for another completeness determination review. This process should be repeated until the petitioner submits a petition deemed complete by EPA.

4.4.   Public Participation Announcement

After EPA has determined that the petition is complete, it should announce an opportunity for public hearing concerning the potential designation. Information about the hearing and the opportunity for comment will appear in the local media, and EPA should notify the petitioner directly.



Chapter 1.   Introduction
Chapter 2.   Overview of Petition Processing
Chapter 3.   Phase I - Petition Preparation
Chapter 4.   Phase II - Initial Petition Review / Determination of Completeness
Chapter 5.   Phase III - Detailed Review / Technical Verification
Chapter 6.   Phase IV - Designation Determination


A.    Sole Source Aquifer Definitions
B.    Sole Source Fact Sheet
C.    Sources of Technical Information
D.    EPA Regional Contacts
E.    Completeness Determination Checklist
F.    Statements of Meaning--Minimum Set of Data Elements for Wells
G.    Section 1424(e) Safe Drinking Water Act


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