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Chapter 5 Petitioners Guidance


5.1.   Purpose

The purpose of this phase, conducted by EPA Regional Office staff, is to:

   * Verify the boundaries of the aquifer and the aquifer service area;
   * Verify that the aquifer is the sole or principal source of drinking water for the defined aquifer service area;
   * Verify or modify, as appropriate, the boundaries of the following areas, based on information contained in the petition:

       -- Designated area, including the recharge area(s);
       -- Project review area, including streamflow source area(s), as appropriate.

   * Call for, and incorporate into the process, public comments regarding the designation; and
   * Make recommendation to the Regional Administrator regarding designation of the aquifer.

5.2.   Technical Review

During the technical review process, the EPA reviewer may determine that technical data are insufficient to compete technical verification. If this is the case, EPA should inform the petitioner that additional technical data are needed. The petitioner should collect the additional information and supply it to EPA, ideally prior to the public hearing. In most cases the public hearing should be held even if the additional information is not available prior to the hearing.

5.3.   Public Participation

EPA should hold a public hearing if there is substantive interest and should accept written comments regarding the potential designation. The public comment period may yield new information about the aquifer. The public hearing may be canceled if there is a lack of sufficient public interest. However, in all cases, EPA should consider all written comments it receives during the comment period.

5.4.   Recommendation

EPA staff should make a recommendation for petition approval or denial to the Regional Administrator, based on the review of the petition and public comments.


Chapter 1.   Introduction
Chapter 2.   Overview of Petition Processing
Chapter 3.   Phase I - Petition Preparation
Chapter 4.   Phase II - Initial Petition Review / Determination of Completeness
Chapter 5.   Phase III - Detailed Review / Technical Verification
Chapter 6.   Phase IV - Designation Determination


A.    Sole Source Aquifer Definitions
B.    Sole Source Fact Sheet
C.    Sources of Technical Information
D.    EPA Regional Contacts
E.    Completeness Determination Checklist
F.    Statements of Meaning--Minimum Set of Data Elements for Wells
G.    Section 1424(e) Safe Drinking Water Act


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