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Chapter 6 Petitioners Guidance


6.1.   Purpose

In this phase, the Regional Administrator will make a determination regarding the Sole Source Aquifer petition. This determination marks the end of the designation process.

6.2.   Determination

The Regional Administrator should approve or deny the petition based on the petition itself, public comments and the EPA staff's recommendations. The Regional Administrator usually should act within thirty days following the Regional Administrator's receipt of the appropriate materials.

6.3.   Federal Register Notice of Determination

The Regional Administrator's determination should be published in the Federal Register. The petitioner should be informed in writing of the determination.


Chapter 1.   Introduction
Chapter 2.   Overview of Petition Processing
Chapter 3.   Phase I - Petition Preparation
Chapter 4.   Phase II - Initial Petition Review / Determination of Completeness
Chapter 5.   Phase III - Detailed Review / Technical Verification
Chapter 6.   Phase IV - Designation Determination


A.    Sole Source Aquifer Definitions
B.    Sole Source Fact Sheet
C.    Sources of Technical Information
D.    EPA Regional Contacts
E.    Completeness Determination Checklist
F.    Statements of Meaning--Minimum Set of Data Elements for Wells
G.    Section 1424(e) Safe Drinking Water Act


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