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Beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Beaches are beloved environments that support a variety of plants and animals and provide millions of people recreational opportunities. Here in Region 2, there are over 685 miles of ocean coastline, plus another 408 miles of Great Lakes coastline in New York. Our region’s beaches are uniquely diverse. We have New York’s rocky beaches along Lake Ontario, its sandy beaches of Long Island Sound, and the Atlantic Ocean beaches stretching from New York City to Montauk. We have the famous Jersey Shore, lined with boardwalks and beach communities. The tropical beaches of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands serve as internationally popular year-round vacation destinations.

Our beaches face environmental threats that can pose dangers to beachgoers. Threats include beach erosion, algae blooms caused by runoff of excess fertilizers, bacteria from untreated sewage, and the buildup of harmful pollutants. Litter dropped on a street and washed into a storm drain can eventually end up on the shore.

To help protect our beaches, we monitor the waters with our “Coastal Crusader” helicopter and work with our federal, state and municipal partners to make sure the public is informed of the latest beach conditions, advisories and closures.


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