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Motor Vehicles

For Guidance on Alternatives to a Motor Vehicle Disposal Well, see Pg. 14, Attachment B: Suggested Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Motor Vehicle-Service Facilities with "Converted" Wells

Underground Injection Control

Geothermal Wells
Geothermal wells are regulated by EPA under the Safe Drinking Water Act, Underground Injection Control Program. If you are seeking a permit for a geothermal well, submit a permit application [PDF 133 KB, 6 pp].

Funeral Home Waste Disposal
Because many funeral homes employ an on-site sanitary system for disposal of embalming wastewater, EPA regulates these as Class V industrial process water and waste disposal wells. EPA has found that wastewater includes external corporeal wash water, internal body fluids, as well as residual arterial embalming chemicals. These chemicals typically include formaldehyde, phenol, and methanol.

A funeral home disposing of embalming fluids in an on-site sanitary system, has three options:

  1. Connect to the sewer, if access is available,
  2. Containerize embalming waste and haul it off site, or
  3. Apply for a UIC permit, and operate under a UIC permit if granted

Commonly Asked Questions

Did you receive a letter or Order from EPA requiring Permitting or Closure of your Class V well?

If you received a letter or Order from EPA, the Agency is seeking the immediate cessation, or permitting, of disposal of fluids through a Class V well. Please carefully review the documents you received and contact the appropriate EPA staff person listed in the correspondence if you have further questions.

Supplemental Closure Information

  1. Draft your closure plan to mirror our guidance [PDF 19 KB, 2 pp]
  2. EPA Analytical Methods
  3. Cleanup levels for (1) SOIL Clean up levels (NY State only) and (2) Water

If you wish to continue utilizing your UIC well for disposal of fluids, please contact EPA to discuss submitting a permit application [PDF 133 KB, 6 pp] toEPA.

Or are you voluntarily closing your Class V well?

Step 1: You must notify EPA in writing and submit a Closure and Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for approval prior to closing the well.  See the following Links for guidance.
Step 2: EPA reviews the plan and QAPP for completeness.  If complete, EPA will issue an approval letter for closure.
Step 3: Facility under EPA guidance excavates the well removing all visibly contaminated soil and sludge and collects required soil (and water) samples.
Step 4: The sampling results are submitted to EPA for review.
Step 5: If the sampling results indicate no contamination, EPA will issue a Closure Approval Letter.  If sampling results indicate the presence of contamination, further site work will be required and directed by EPA.

Did you receive a letter from EPA requiring an Inventory of Injection Wells?
If you received an inventory request letter, please fill out the form and return it to EPA within thirty (30) days. If you have questions about what is considered a UIC Class V well, click here. EPA provides further information in these two documents, (1) Supplemental Instructions for Completing Inventory of Injection Wells [PDF 66 KB,1 pp] and (2) EPA Region 2 List of Class V Injection Well Types.[PDF 191 KB, 4 pp].

Closure Guidance [PDF 19 KB, 2 pp]

Class V Inventory Form [PDF 143 KB, 3 pp]


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