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Dredged Material Test Subjects Dredged Material Test Subjects Specifically for NY/NJ harbor and the Non-Detect Policy

Specifically for NY/NJ harbor and the Non-Detect Policy

A. Sediment - Physical and Chemical Analysis

1. Grain size, moisture and other physical sediment analysis
2.Chemical analysis in elutriate of WQC contaminants and PCBs, PAHs, pesticides, metals and TOC in sediments

B. Solid Phase (whole sediment) Toxicity Test  (two species to be tested- 10 day test)

1. Amphipod (Ampelisca abdita, Rhepoxynius abronius, Eohaustorius estuarius, or Leptocheirus plumulosus)
2. Mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia)

C. Solid Phase (whole sediment) Bioaccumulation Test (two species to be tested- 28 day test)

1. Sand worm (Nereis virens)
2. Bent-nosed clam (Macoma nasuta or M. secta)

D. Water-column (suspended particulate phase) Toxicity Test   (three species to be tested- 4 day test)

1. Mysid shrimp (Mysidopsis bahia)
2. Silverside fish (Menidia menidia, M. berylina, or M. peninsulae)
3. Bivalve larvae (Mytilus edulis, Mercenaria mercenaria, Crassostria virginica, or Mulinia lateralis)

Non-Detect Policy: This document represents joint agency policy between USEPA-Region 2 and USACE-New York District, regarding treatment of "non-detects" in elutriate and tissue data


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