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Weequahic Lake Weequahic Lake

Weequahic LakeSize and Location:  Weequahic Lake is an 80 acre lake located in Newark, New Jersey.  The lake is located in Weequahic Park, which is a 311 acre park in a densely populated, low to moderate income area of Newark.

Why is it important to protect Weequahic Park?

  • Weequahic Park was designed by the firm of Frederick Law Olmsted, designer of New York's Central Park and many other parks throughout the United States.
  • The park provides a major recreation center for the highly urbanized area of Newark.


Weequahic Lake Restoration in Progress:  Picture courtesy of WPAHow is EPA involved?

EPA provides funding and technical support for the Weequahic Lake Restoration Project.   Weequahic Lake was identified as a line item in EPA's FY98 budget for $3 million.   The grant for the Weequahic Lake Restoration Project was awarded in October 1998.   The project involves the investigation of the effectiveness of Best Management Practices -- methods to minimize nonpoint source pollution-- in an urban setting.   Milestones in this project include: completion of a perimeter path, shoreline and soil stabilization, as well as a report on lake conditions.

What are the Major Environmental Issues Facing the Lake?

Weequahic Lake is highly eutrophic (shallow, murky water with concentrations of plant nutrients causing excessive production of algae).  Although soil erosion and lakeshore stabilization projects have resulted in a slight improvement of water quality in the lake, the lake is still classified as eutrophic.

Who are the Stakeholders?

Weequahic Park Association | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 

Contact: faber.theresa@epa.gov


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