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Watershed Data Watershed Data

Link to Surf Your WatershedThis multifaceted Web site provides access to comprehensive environmental information about watersheds across the nation. Site characteristics include a watershed locator tool, a listing of environmental watershed indicators, a place to add your own watershed information, as well as links to related sites.

Interactive Maps of Watersheds

US Geological Survey Water Resources Data

USGS Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands Water Resources Data Exit EPA disclaimer Flow, water quality, and other pertinent information on the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands Territory Water Resources

Clean Water Action Plan

Watershed restoration and enhancement are key elements in the Clean Water Action Plan.  States and tribal governments were charged with identifying and prioritizing those watersheds in greatest need of restoration and protection in unified watershed assessments.  They were guided by the The Unified Watershed Assessment Framework.  This document described general approaches and information to guide governments and other interested parties with the unified watershed assessment process.  Stakeholder groups in the watersheds are being formed within the states to identify action strategies for restoration for the individual watersheds (watershed restoration action strategies or WRASs).  These groups will have the opportunity for participation in the WRAS for protection and enhancement.

The regional staff contact is Cyndy S. Belz

Community Based Environmental Protection

Community Based Environmental Protection (CBEP) seeks to address the various causes of the problems and understand the interrelationships between human behavior and pollution in a specific area.  CBEP supplements and complements the traditional environmental protection approach by focusing on the health of an ecosystem and the behavior of humans that live in the ecosystem's boundaries, instead of concentrating on a medium or particular problem.

The regional staff contact is Rabi Kieber

Volunteering in Your Watershed

A national EPA website provides information on how you can join other volunteers in monitoring water quality conditions in your community streams, lakes and rivers!  A calendar of activities and addresses of regional volunteer groups, as well as other links and information, are provided.


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