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Chesapeake Bay Program Office Grants

This page provides information related to grant opportunities, request for proposals, progress, guidance and resources. Much more information may be found on the Chesapeake Bay Program website.

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Current Grant Opportunities

None listed at this time.

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2015 Chesapeake Bay Program Grant Guidance

2015 Chesapeake Bay Program Office Grant and Cooperative Agreement Guidance-PDF [53pp, 766k]


Attachment 1-2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement-PDF [20pp, 2.63M]

Attachment 2 - Clean Water Act, Sec. 117-PDF [5pp, 80k]

Attachment 3 -2014 Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement Goals and Outcomes-PDF [1pp,115k]

Attachment 4 - Work Plan Template-PDF 3pp, 177k]

Attachment 5 - Progress Report Template -PDF [4pp, 153k]

Attachment 6 - Chesapeake Bay Program Wastewater Facility and BMP Implementation Data Submission Specifications and Requirements-PDF [11pp, 234k]

Attachment 7 - Guidance in Distinguishing between Sub-Awards and Contracts-PDF [5pp, 59k]

Attachment 8 - Chesapeake Bay Program Guidance and Policies for Data, Information and Document Outputs Submissions-PDF [6pp, 131k]

Attachment 9A - Toxics Data Acquisition Specifications-PDF [2pp, 27k]

Attachment 9B - Data Submission Questionnaire-PDF [1p, 12k]

Attachment 10 - Chesapeake Bay Program Administrative Cost Cap Worksheet Sample-PDF [2pp, 18k]

Attachment 11 - Fact Sheet for Applicants: Intergovernmental Review Process-PDF [1pp, 13k]

Attachment 12 - EPA Guidance for Federal Land Management in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed-PDF [16pp, 211k]

Attachment 13 - Twelve Executive Order Outcomes-PDF [2pp, 78k]

Attachment 14 - Guide for Chesapeake Bay Water Quality Two-year Milestones-PDF [10pp, 890k]

Attachment 15 - Funding Allocations for CBIG, CBRAP, and Local Implementation Funding - PDF (2pp, 62k)

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Other Grant Resources

EPA Office of Grants and Debarment
EPA Grant Guidance for Small and First Time Grantees
Standard Forms for Grant Application

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