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Twenty Questions College and University Athletic Directors Need to Consider Regarding the School's Sports Facilities

The following list of questions has been developed by EPA , Mid-Atlantic Region, to help you determine if environmental compliance is being met through the management operations of the athletic facilities on your campus. Many of these questions relate to an Environmental Management System, or EMS. An EMS includes such elements as policies, procedures, tracking, and auditing. This framework helps to provide a systematic approach to managing environmental compliance and improving environmental programs. While having a good system doesn't guarantee compliance, it greatly increases the chances that your college or university will not falter in meeting its environmental obligations. It does this by integrating environmental compliance activities into routine campus operations. EMS guidance information. Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer

Twenty questions for consideration:

  1. Environmental Compliance - Have all facilities and operations covered by environmental regulations -- both state and federal -- been identified?
  2. Audit - Is there a routine audit process in place to verify compliance?
  3. Water - How safe is the drinking water? Has the water been tested for lead and other contaminants? When was the last time it was tested?
  4. Air - How is the indoor air quality? When was the last time the HVAC ducts were cleaned and checked for mold? Are there carbon monoxide monitors in the dressing rooms and offices?
  5. Hazardous Wastes - How are hazardous wastes, such as solvents, paints, chlorine, ammonia, and pesticides accounted for, stored, used and disposed of?
  6. Medical Wastes - Are medical wastes, e.g. syringes, being properly handled and disposed of?
  7. Asbestos - Is there asbestos present in any facilities? Where is it? What is its condition? Is it being maintained? Is it contained? Will it have to be removed and, if so, when, and at what cost?
  8. PCBs - Are there any transformers or generators in any facilities which contain PCBs?
  9. Radon - Are any of the school's sports facilities located a radon-prone area? Have facilities been tested for the presence of radon?
  10. Underground Storage Tanks - Are there any underground storage tanks located on or near the premises? If so, are they in compliance with applicable local, state and Federal regulations? What problems would they cause if they leaked? Is there a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plan in place?
  11. Aboveground Storage Tanks - Are there any aboveground storage tanks located on or near facilities and, if so, what problems would they cause if they leaked? Are they in compliance with applicable local, state, and Federal regulations? Is there a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure plan in place?
  12. Pipelines - Do any pipelines run under any athletic facilities? What is in the pipelines? If there was a leakage would it create an environmental and/or safety problem?
  13. Pesticides - Are pesticides and/or other toxic substances being used on the athletic fields? If so, are they being used at acceptable levels and in no way a hazard for the athletes or the environment?
  14. Lead Based Paint - Is there lead based paint on or in any facility?
  15. Laundry/Dry Cleaning - If dry cleaning and laundry operations are operated on the premises, are hazardous materials associated with these operations being properly handled? Is the equipment properly vented and maintained?
  16. Recycling - Is a recycling system in place to minimize waste and the cost of waste disposal?
  17. Environmental Friendly Products - Are environmentally friendly products, such as recycled paper for stationery and paper cups instead of Styrofoam cups, being used in our offices and concession stands?
  18. Reducing Energy Costs - Green Lights and Energy Star Buildings partnerships minimize energy costs and reduce pollution; have these programs been put into place?
  19. Emissions - Are there any boilers in the sports facilities that would pollute the air?
  20. Swimming Pools - Have worst case scenario plans been filed for potential releases of chlorine and other hazard chemicals? Is there proper venting for indoor facilities?

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