Compare your knowledge of the environment with adults across the nation by taking this environmental quiz distributed by the Exit EPA Click for DisclaimerNational Environmental Education and Training Foundation. Two out of three adults who took the quiz didn't make the passing mark for knowledge about the environmentThe preceding information being linked to by the U.S.EPA Web site is provided as a service to visitors to the EPA Region 3 Environmental Education Web site. The U.S. EPA is not associated with or responsible for the content of these sites.

1. There are many different types of animals and plants, and they live in many different types of environments. What word is used to describe this idea?

a.) multiplicity
b.) biodiversity
c.) socio-economics
d.) evolution

2. Which of the following is a renewable resource?

a.) oil
b.) iron ore
c.) trees
d.) coal

3. Which of the following household materials is considered hazardous waste?

a.) plastic packaging
b.) glass
c.) batteries
d.) spoiled food

4. The most common major cause of pollution of streams, rivers and oceans is: ___________________________

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5. Most electricity in the U.S. is generated from what source of power? ____________________________________

6. The primary environmental benefit of wetland areas is:___________________________________________

7. Having ozone in the earth's upper atmosphere protects us from: ________________________________________

8. The current solution to the disposal of most nuclear waste in the United States is: ___________________________

9. What is the largest source of carbon monoxide in the U.S.? _______________________________________

10. What is the most common reason that animal species become extinct? _______________________________

11. What is the name of the primary federal agency that works to protect the environment? __________________

12. Where does most household garbage eventually end up once it leaves the home? _________________________


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1. c.) Biodiversity (40 percent got this correct.)


2. c.) Trees (66 percent got this correct.)


3. c.) Batteries (67 percent got this correct.)


4. Surface water running off yards, streets, paved lots and farm fields. (23 percent got this correct.)


Dad and daughter recycling

5. By burning coal, oil and wood. (33 percent got this correct.)

6. To help purify water before it enters lakes, streams, rivers and oceans. (53 percent got this correct.)

7. Harmful, cancer-causing sunlight. (57 percent got this correct.)

8. Store and monitor the waste at the plant. (58 percent got this correct.)

9. Motor Vehicles. (69 percent got this correct.)

10. Loss of habitat. (73 percent got this correct.)

11. Environmental Protection Agency. (74 percent got this correct.)

12. Landfills. (83 percent got this correct.)