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Contact Us about Mid-Atlantic Multi-Site Environmental Management Systems

The Mid-Atlantic Environmental Multi-Site Coordinator is Skip Weisberg (weisberg.skip@epa.gov) 410-305-2681

If you are interested in obtaining copies of any EMS documents not posted on our public internet site or have other inquiries related to our EMS please contact Skip Weisberg (contact information is above) or the EMS Coordinator at one of our facilities:

Philadelphia Office Nick Dinardo (dinardo.nicholas@epa.gov) 215-814-3365
Environmental Science Center Jeff Dodd (dodd.jeff@epa.gov) 410-305-2654
Wheeling WV Office Paula Curtin (curtin.paula@epa.gov) 304-234-0256
Chesapeake Program Office Greg Allen (allen.greg@epa.gov) 410-267-5746

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