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Inspection Program

Providing environmental protection is assuring compliance by the regulated community with environmental laws/regulations through effective monitoring and compliance assessment. Unless there is compliance with the requirements that are designed to provide the necessary environmental protection, the promulgation of laws and regulations have little impact.

The Mid-Atlantic Inspection Program consists of actions to:

The program is staffed by inspectors who are located in the

The inspection program usually consists of pre-inspection surveillance to obtain general site information prior to actually entering the facility. Facility Inspections (on site) which may include record reviews, observations, sampling, interviews, etc., and may be single or multimedia, facility or industry sector-based, or have a geographic or ecosystem focus. Investigations which are generally more comprehensive than inspections and may be warranted when an inspection or record review suggests the potential for serious, widespread, and/or continuing civil or criminal violations. Record reviews may be conducted at EPA, state or local offices, or at the facility, and may or may not be combined with field work. Records may be derived from routine self-monitoring requirements, inspection reports, citizen/employee tips, or remote sensing.

Inspection Program Links

The following links provide information about EPA's compliance monitoring program such as inspection manuals, guides and strategies for specific regulations or for an industry sector


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