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Recovery Funding for Clean Diesel Projects
Putting people to work to clean up our air


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EPA no longer updates this information, but it may be useful as a reference or resource.

Reducing emissions from diesel engines is one of the most important air quality challenges facing our states. Even with new federal standards in place, millions of diesel engines already in use will continue to emit large amounts of nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and air toxics, which contribute to serious public health problems.

Diesel Emissions Reduction Program and the Recovery Act

The Recovery Act includes $300 million to support clean diesel activities through two funding programs: the National Clean Diesel Campaign and the State Clean Diesel Grant Program. Through the State Clean Diesel Grant program, approximately $10.4 million will be allocated directly to the mid-Atlantic states to implement grant and loan programs for clean diesel projects.

Funding Announcements and Useful Links

Competitive announcements for three National Clean Diesel Campaign Recovery Act funding opportunities were posted to Grants.gov on March 19, 2009:

Recovery Act funding will have an expedited competition schedule and applicants must comply with Recovery Act provisions. We anticipate a 40-day application period for the Clean Diesel Program competitive announcements (the Emerging Technology Program will be open 47 days).

The Mid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative is administered by the mid-Atlantic Regional Air Management Association (MARAMA) to significantly reduce diesel emissions and improve public health in the mid-Atlantic states. The collaborative identifies projects and shares technical information to reduce emissions from existing diesel fleets in construction, freight, ports, municipal vehicles, and school buses.

More information is available about EPA's Mid-Atlantic clean diesel program.

Recovery Act Clean Diesel Projects Where You Live

EPA will provide specific information about Clean Diesel projects in the Mid-Atlantic states. Keep checking back here to find out how the Recovery Act is helping your community to breathe cleaner air.


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