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Analytical Request Form Instructions

These instructions correlate with the Analytical Request Form version dated 11/09.  This version supersedes all other versions. Contact John Kwedar (kwedar.john@epa.gov) at 410-305- 3021, or Dan Slizys (slizys@epa.gov) at 410-305-2734, if you have any problems using the form.

  1. Please complete all of the fields on the form and submit your request at least four weeks before the sampling event. Every attempt will be made to process requests with shorter lead time, but shorter lead time can lead to higher costs and delayed sampling.
  2. A completion check of the form will be done. Any incomplete forms will be returned.
  3. It is critical that the form contains a proper site name, account number, CERCLIS ID, and Site ID as appropriate.
  4. The form has a line to indicate whether a Quality Assurance Plan has been submitted, its date of approval and title. An approved Quality Assurance plan is required before sampling. A plan should be submitted prior to the Analytical Request Form, but may be submitted along with the request.
  5. For the matrix, organic validation level and inorganic validation level, the preparer will select from a drop-down box (double-click on the gray areas in the cells)
  6. There is now a space to indicate if unvalidated data is requested, and the TAT needed.
  7. We have included a line for the final validated data package and TAT needed. The Analytical TAT will be determined by ASQAB staff.
  8. A field has been added to indicate if Electronic Data Deliverables are need; all must be provided in Region 3 format unless otherwise specified.
  9. Each Request must include a list/table of analytes, Chemical Abstracts Services (CAS) Numbers and Project Quantitation Limits included for each method and matrix (required for all requests, including the Contract Lab Program). This should be included in special instructions or as an attachment to the form.
  10. Once completed, the form should be e-mailed to our Client Services Team at Clients.R3@epa.gov.

Common Errors on Analytical Request Forms

Any of these can slow up or stop the processing of your request:

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