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Environmental Science Center's Quality Assurance Mailbox

Regional QA Manager

Region 3 QA Staff in Philadelphia, Pa.

Region 3 QA Staff in Fort Meade, Md.

Region 3 Division/Office Quality Assurance Coordinators
Division/Office Representative/Alternative
Phone Email
Air Protection Division Jackie Lewis 215-814-2037 lewis.jacqueline@epa.gov
Chesapeake Bay Program Office Rich Batiuk
Mary Ellen Ley
Environmental Assessment and
Innovation Division
Charlie Jones 215-814-2734 jones.charlie@epa.gov
Hazardous Site Cleanup Division Jeff Tuttle 215-814-3236 tuttle.jeffrey@epa.gov
Land and Chemicals Division David Friedman 215-814-3395 friedman.davidm@epa.gov
Office of Enforcement, Compliance
and Environmental Justice
Jose Jimenez 215-814-2148 jimenez.jose@epa.gov
Office of Policy & Management Norman Rodriguez 215-814-5274 rodriguez.norman@epa.gov
Water Protection Division Larry Merrill 215-814-5452 merrill.larry@epa.gov

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