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Region 3's Quality Management Plan

EPA Region 3's Quality Management Plan (QMP) describes the Region's Quality Assurance Program, which is a collection of the Region's ongoing quality assurance (QA) policies, procedures, responsibilities and management systems. These policies and procedures are designed to ensure that the Region's environmental data operations, and those of its grantees, contractors, and other partners in the government, the regulated community, and the public will produce and use environmental data that satisfies its intended use, is documented, and is defensible. The QMP not only fulfills the requirements of the national QA Program, but is also intended to be a resource for Region 3 staff to better understand the Region's QA Program.

For the first time, the QMP is presented "on line" in an entirely flexible and searchable format, rather than the traditional paper format. It is our hope and intent that the reader will investigate the QMP and the Region's QA Program. This new format and arrangement of content is intended to make the Region's QA Program "user friendly" facilitating rapid access to information relevant to a variety of readers.

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