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Office of Analytical Services & Quality Assurance
Technical Services Branch
Environmental Science Center
Fort Meade, Maryland

The Technical Services Branch provides technical services and support to national, regional and state clients in planning environmental data collections and analysis, procurement of routine and specialized analytical services, storage and retrieval of environmental data, and acquisition of supplies and services which support sampling and analytical operations.

The Technical Services Branch provides support for environmental clean-up, remediation, monitoring and emergency response. Utilizing the P.I.E. approach to Quality Assurance, the Technical Services Branch helps to ensure data generated is sufficient for its intended use.

Planning - The Technical Services Branch can assist in the preparation and review of Quality Assurance Project Plans, Sampling and Analysis Plans and other site related work plans. We also review and provide feedback on how plans address critical aspects of proposed site work including project objectives, data quality objectives, methods, quality control and decision thresholds.

Implementation - The Technical Services Branch can find the right lab to meet the analytical needs specified in your plan. Through our extensive laboratory database, we can match your specific analytical and reporting requirements with a certified laboratory. Our staff will provide oversight to ensure the laboratory chosen is capable, can provide the final data format required and address any turn-aroundtime and/or technical issues.

Evaluation - Once data is received from a laboratory, the Technical Services Branch will arrange to have the data go through validation/verification. This process ensures that the data is of known quality before it is used in making environmental decisions. Our staff can also assist in data interpretation and explanation of any data qualifiers.

Office of Analytical Services and Quality Assurance Mission and Vision Statements

Vision - Improving the environment by being champions of applied and innovative science.

Mission - Trusted environmental advocates of good science, fostering partnerships with our customers, providing and assuring the most appropriate quality of data for environmental decision making.

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The Technical Services Branch Quality Assurance (QA) staff are available to conduct formal and informal training on a variety of quality assurance topics. Examples of our more popular courses include:

Additional training courses are available and/or can be developed to address your specific training needs. Visit our QA website for additional information about the Region 3 Quality Assurance Program and resources.

The Technical Services Branch also performs contract management responsibilities over the Region 3 Environmental Services and Assistance Team (ESAT) and ASRC Management Services (ASRC) contracts.

The Technical Services Branch can provide a variety of other services, in addition to those mentioned above, to support your program needs. Other services include lab assessments, review of Quality Manuals, training to state and local governments, and Freedom of Information Act assistance. For additional information, please contact Fred Foreman (foreman.fred@epa.gov), Chief, Technical Services Branch, at 410-305-2629.

Office of Analytical Services & Quality Assurance
US EPA Region 3
Environmental Science Center
701 Mapes Road
Fort Meade, MD 20755-5350

Technical Services Branch Contacts

Fred Foreman (foreman.fred@epa.gov)
Technical Services Branch (3EA22)
410-305-2629 (voice)
410-305-3095 (fax)

QA Document Review
E-mail: R3 ESC-QA@epa.gov

Sample Scheduling and Laboratory Assignment
E-mail: r3_Clients@epa.gov

Quality Assurance
Ed Messer
Mike Mahoney
Brandon McDonald

Sample Scheduling & Procurement
Dan Slizys
John Kwedar
RuthAnn Donovan

Contract Management
Colleen Walling (ESAT)
Annette Lage (ASRC)

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