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FOIA Submission Options

EPA and a number of partners agencies are now using a shared service FOIAonline to receive FOIA requests electronically. This new system allows the public to search previous requests and access responsive documents that have been cleared for release. There are many new features available from this system and if you determine you need to submit a request to a participating agency, please consider creating an account to take advantage of the many features offered by FOIAonline, including modifying your request, communicating with the agency processing your request, and accessing responsive documents cleared for distribution all online, as well as presenting you a dashboard indicating the status of your requests and the ability to file an appeal online. We hope you find FOIAonline to be a useful tool in accessing your government and the information of interest to you. Click FOIAonline to access the site.

Please note that a great deal of EPA information is already available to the public without the need of a FOIA request. We therefore encourage you to consider the following options prior to submitting a FOIA request. This can save you both time and money.

There are many documents and databases available on the World Wide Web and more becoming available at EPA's public-access server. This server links to other servers with even more EPA information. There are also websites with information about FOIA:

EPA Region 3 Guide to Information on the Web
EPA Headquarters FOIA Information
Region 3 Home Page

The Region 3 Public Information Center (PIC) maintains numerous publications, brochures, and other printed material for general distribution to the public. The office may be telephoned at (215) 814-5121.

The Region 3 Customer Service Hotline is answered by staff trained to respond to general information inquiries concerning the environment. Basic questions concerning clean air, clean water, lead, radon, asbestos and indoor air quality should be directed to this office. The Customer Service Hotline telephone number is 1-800-438-2474.

The Region 3 Library has a collection of published and research material concerning environmental topics. If you would like more information about these materials, please contact the library at (215) 814-5254.

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