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How to Apply

The EPA awards grants only to eligible organization for specific projects or purposes. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (see "Links to Other Related Information") provides detailed information regarding EPA grant programs, including eligibility requirements, types of projects to be funded, available grant amounts, etc. If you meet the criteria for an EPA grant program and wish to apply for a grant, you must fill out an application and forward it to the appropriate EPA Office. Your application will be evaluated, and if it meets EPA standards, a grant may be awarded to your organization to fund the project.

The grant application itself is a package of documents, including a form with which you formally request the grant. It also describes what your project is, contains a schedule for starting and completing the project, and provides information on compliance with Federal regulations applicable to the grant.


Federal grant applicants must complete a three-step registration process before applying for a federal grant opportunity through Grants.gov.

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