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Reporting Forms

You will need the free Adobe Reader  Exit EPA Click for Disclaimer to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

The report forms listed below are required to be submitted at various times during the project. For information regarding the frequency of these reports, refer to "Managing Your Grant."

Most of these forms are in PDF format. To ensure you will be able to see a PDF file in its entirety, please obtain the most recent edition of the free Acrobat Reader  Exit EPA Click for Disclaimerfrom the Adobe Web site.

The forms are available for download and use. Note that they are also 'writeable'. You may fill in the forms while you are viewing them and print the completed form. You may also save them to your local computer for future use.

If you have the full Adobe Acrobat software package, you will be able to save a copy of the form with your input. If you have downloaded only a copy of Acrobat Reader, you will be unable to save your input with the form.


Effective October 1, 2009, all EPA grantees should begin using the new SF-425, Federal Financial Report (FFR), to report on the financial status of their grants. The FFR replaces the SF-269 and SF-269a, Financial Status Report (FSR), and the SF-272 and SF-272a, Federal Cash Transactions Report. A blank, fillable FFR is available at the Las Vegas Finance Center's (LVFC) website: http://www.epa.gov/ocfo/finservices/forms.htm

The terms and conditions of your existing EPA assistance agreement(s) require submission of a final Financial Status Report and, in some cases, interim and/or annual FSRs. Effective October 1, this information should be submitted on the SF-425 rather than the SF-269.

Only financial status information is required by EPA. Recipients are no longer required to submit Federal Cash Transaction information formerly reported on the SF-272 (FFR lines 10a through 10c). Therefore, all fields on the FFR need to be filled out, except for 10a, 10b and 10c.

Final FFRs are due to EPA no later than 90 days after the end of the grant budget/project period. If your assistance agreement requires submission of an interim or annual financial status report, please submit the SF-425 form (FFR) following the schedule stipulated in the terms and conditions of the agreement. All FFRs should be sent to the Las Vegas Finance Center. If you have any questions, please contact your LVFC financial specialist. If you do not know your specialist, a list with contact information, including Fax numbers, mailing and email addresses can be found at:



Federal Financial Report (FFR - SF425) - (PDF) (1p, 31k)

Minority Business Enterprises/Women-owned Business Enterprises Utilization Report (EPA 5700-52A) [pdf, 5 pages, 58KB ]

Subcontractor Participation Form 6100-2 [pdf, 2pp, 228k]

Subcontractor Performance form 6100-3 [pdf, 2pp, 275k]

Subcontractor Utililization Form 6100-4 [pdf, 2pp, 278k]

Special Notice

EPA FORMS 6100-2, -3, -4 have been Reinstated

Lobbying and Litigation Certification for Grants amd Cooperative Agreements (Form 5700-53) [pdf, 1 page, 463KB]

Air Program Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Worksheet - PDF , [1p, 20k] which should be prepared and submitted along with each Section 105 Air Program FSR;

Non Point Source Program Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Worksheet-PDF, [1pp, 17k] which should be prepared and submitted along with each Section 319 Non Point Source Program FSR;

In addition, direct funded grants require the forms listed below:

Cost or Price Summary Format (EPA 5700-41) Excel Version   [PDF, 2 pages, 19K]

Part B - Supplemental Project Information (EPA 5780-1B) [pdf, 3 pages, 158KB]
Outlay Report (SF 271) [pdf, 2 pages, 145KB]

View a completed Minority Business Enterprise/Women-owned Business Enterprise Utilization Report (EPA Form 5700-52A). [pdf, 2 pages, 187KB]


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