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Media Contacts

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Media Relations Team
Office of Communications and Government Relations
1650 Arch Street (3CG00)
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Office phone: 215-814-5100
Fax: 215-814-5102


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Team Leader - David Sternberg, 215-814-5548, sternberg.david@epa.gov

Water - David Sternberg, 215-814-5548, sternberg.david@epa.gov
- Clean Water Act Programs
- Safe Drinking Water Act Programs
- Chesapeake Bay
- Green Infrastructure

Air, Multi-Media Enforcement, Hazardous Waste, Toxic Substances- Roy Seneca, 215-814-5567, seneca.roy@epa.gov
- Clean Air Act Programs
- Climate Change
- Clean energy
- Environmental Justice
- Lead, asbestos, pesticides, toxics
- Multi-media inspections, enforcement and compliance
- RCRA, underground storage tanks
- Recycling/Voluntary pollution prevention programs

Environmental Assessments, Superfund, Brownfields and Emergency Response, Mountaintop Mining, Wetlands,- Bonnie Smith, 215-814-5543, smith.bonnie@epa.gov
- Brownfields cleanup and redevelopment, land revitalization
- Mountaintop Mining / Valley Fill
- Superfund, emergency response and preparedness
- Sustainability
- Wetlands



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